Ladies and Gentlemen, We are the Scarfs! (36​.​45)

by the Scarfs

(free) 03:35


in April 2012 Jay Sharp joined Chris Gersbecks' band, the Barrens on stage to play bass on 2 songs. The band subsequently asked him to join full-time. Feeling the rhythm section in the Barrens wasn't quite connecting, Jay asked Chris to jam at Astoria Soundworks saying "I'll bring my bass you bring your sticks". Chris instead brought his iPad and in September 2012 the scarfs were born.

Sharing a mutual love for punk, lo-fi and indie rock, Chris and Jay began recording immediately and played a couple of surprise and secret shows under the scarfs moniker while the barrens were still active. The band repertoire quickly grew to over 40 songs so in January 2013 they holed up in a cabin in Woodstock, NY and tracked the drums for 26 songs in just under 35 hours.

With the addition of Archelao Macrillo on drums, the scarfs led a short, but glorious life.

Conceptualized to be released as two albums at once, (a la Use Your Illusion 1 & 2) Ladies and Gentlemen we are the scarfs! and T'wad are now offered here, exclusively, for free, in the wake of the bands demise)


released April 16, 2013

Recorded by Jay Sharp and the scarfs Jan 11- Aug 16 2013
additional production by Eric Claptop (2014)

mastered by _________ ?

Jay Sharp - guitar on all songs except 4, 8 + 12,
lead vocals on all songs except 3, 4, 7 + 9.
Chris Gersbeck - drums on all songs except 11,
lead vocals on 3, 7 + 9.
Natalia McCarty - lead vocals on 4.
Surfer-speak and laughs on 8 by Puke Numbskull.
Track 4 features additional vocals by Jennifer Harmon.
howl on 2 by Whitney.

Bass on 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 + 12 by Chris.
Jay plays bass on tracks 1, 2, 4 + 8.
Guitars on 8 + 12 by Chris.
Casio keyboards on 9 + 10 by Jay,
Programming on 1, 6, 7, 9, 11 +12 by Chris,
and midi on 3 + 7.
Programming and midi on 4 by Jay.

8 + 9 features samples from Pepper Panic Saga by King Games
"Brady Road" was inspired by "The Wreck" by Alvin Schwartz
"Hamburg" is dedicated to RD Mauzy

all songs written by the scarfs
i mean, barfs. Whatever.



all rights reserved


Jay Sharp Brooklyn, New York

Jason was born in 1981 and started his first band when he was 19. Since then he has played in almost 19 different bands. He has appeared on 27 full length albums, 1/2 of which he was the principal songwriter, others as a band-member (bass player, lead guitar, vocalist, etc.) Currently completing the 3rd LP by the Mighty JSE, J also produces records for other artists in and around NYC so HMU! ... more


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Track Name: Brady Road

would you like to come with me
they said you crashed into a tree
i don’t know who you are but something about the way you are to me
though it seems to be…
brady road is weird to me
i dont know what it is
it just seems so creepy
watch you off and off you go
you walk away from me so slow
i never felt this much in love
could be the demons are up above
tell me you still feel the same
just tell me it’s not a game
brady road is weird to me
now i know what it is
this is where you hit the tree
you’re lying dead in the car
i knew there was something off
about the way / the way you are

brady road is weird to me (brady road is weird to me)
brady road is weird to me (brady road is weird to me)
brady road is weird to me (brady road is weird to me)
brady road is weird to me weird to me weird to me