Some Kind of Horrible

by Tidewaterdeadfish

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One day in 2002, my friend Matt discovered an anagram for his name was "tidewatergemfish". Hilariously, he told me he was going to go by the name DJ Gemfish. I told him I would be DJ Deadfish. Tidewaterdeadfish (TWDF) was born.


01. I woke up with my sheets soaking wet† 2.25
02. Disco7Teen† 2.45
03. crustacean3 3.50
04. Hell (we're going to have to go right to) 6.54
05. Ginny Pig v2.0§ 3.42
06. Mr. T (Tricked Me Sukka!)† 3.00
07. swb2 (Shitmonger Mix) 2.05
08. Fucky-Fresh Cocaine Bee-Otch in Da Grapevine! 7.21
09. The Mushroom (warm loop)† 4.03
10. Final Stage (part i and ii) 1.50
11. Profapain (Sulfur Mix)
v. Thunderclap (Pirates of the Steel Drum) 4.28
12. All is Full of Bjork (Eternity mix) / Beautiful Bitch Whaaa 9.38

† Special Thanks to Brian Eno on Crack for Additional Samples
§ Additional Vocals by Gilligod


the following contains elements from these original recordings:
(cheat sheet)

Track 1:
Samples: Beautiful Bitch Whaaa by Tidewaterdeadfish,
Strider (© Sega Genesis) by © Capcom, Super Mario Brothers © Nintendo of America,
iChat for Mac OS X by AOL,
Arkanoid, and Castlevania

Track 2:
Samples: "Godzilla", African Elephants,, Homer Simpson:
Songs in the Key of Springfield
Vocals: Robert Smigel, the Crocodile Hunter,
Dan Castellaneta and Conan O' Brien
Keyboards: Jay Sharp

Track 3:
Keyboards: Matthew Charles Edward Siegfried
Mixed by DJ Sharp
That Fishy Smell: Tammy Faye Baker

Track 4:
Samples: the Adventures of Scooby Doo,
Arkanoid, Donkey Kong, "Hairagami (Remix)"
vocals by Arthur Joseph and Magic Nose Goblins.
Additional Slide Guitar Vocals by Ray Makklostkey,
the Expanded Edition of Thriller
by Michael Jackson
ITTV‡, iTunes, "laughter.wav",
Strider, iChat for Mac OS X by AOL,
R.E.M.'s "project 9" remix album: R.E.M.IX,
Vocals: Ray Makklostkey, Vincent Price, E.T., "Pikachu"
Michael Jackson, Jay Sharp, Arthur Joseph &
Heather Camenitti
Guitar: Jay Sharp

Track 5:
Samples: "Honey" from
Tales of a Librarian by Tori Amos
Keyboards: Kevin Sacco, Jay Sharp
McDonalds' Wrappers: DJ DeadFish
Vocals: Tori Amos, DJ Sharp, Gilligod, Jessica Kane,
Theo, "the smallest" guinea pig.
Additional Samples from

Track 6:
Samples: pigs, horses, roosters and goats
gay porn, the breath of Tori Amos captured
from the track "Pretty Good Year (live)" on
Tales of a Librarian, Sound Sensations 100
Spectacular Sound FX, about 20 samples from the A*Team thrown into Frooty Loops and randomized,
Late Night with Conan O' Brien
Vocals: Mr. T, Conan O' Brien, DJ Sharp and
Thomas Alva Edison

Track 8:
Samples: ITTV‡
Contains elements from: Jay Z's Vol 2...
Hard Knock Life: "A week ago", "coming of age
(Da Sequel)", "Money Cash Hoes", "Reservoir Dogs"
"Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)"
"It's Alright" AND the 12" mix of "I heard it Through the
Grapevine" by the Slits, AND "Ivanka" by Imperial Teen
& 1:3:1 by Dufus
Additional Vocals by DMX

Track 9:
Samples: AOL 9.0 Television Commercial,, Stewy, Meg and Chris from
the Family Guy,
"Pretty Good Year (live), Northern Lad (live)" from
'Tales of a Librarian' by Tori Amos
Sound Sensations 100 Spectacular Sound FX
Special Thanks to E-baums World's Ozzy Soundboard.
Vocals: Tori Amos, Jay Sharp, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy
and Ozzy Osbourne
Guitar: Jay Sharp
Piano: Tori Amos
Programming: Tammy Faye Baker
Keyboards: Tammy Faye and Jason Sharp
Additional Vocals by some elephants in heat

Track 10:
Drum Loops: Tammy Faye Baker
Contains Manipulated Samples from:
Arkanoid and Super Mario Brothers from the NES
and from R.E.M.'s "project 9" remix album: R.E.M.IX,

Track 11:
Samples: Castlevania, ITTV‡
Steel Drums of the Caribbean "Brazilian Love Song"
Crack: Tammy Faye
Guitars: Jay Sharp

Track 12:
Keyboards: Matthew Charles Edward Siegfried
Contains elements from:
"Don't Touch My Cookies" ©1999 Magic Nose Goblins
Samples: Fabian Jimenez's Death Metal Demon Scream
Vocals: Ben Hadley (as inspired by the motion picture Rounders)
Dinoscream: DJ Dinosaur
Additional Programming by DJ Sharp
Crack: Tammy Faye Baker

None of this could have been possible with out the continued dedication, interest and support of Neil Montiel, Natalia McCarty and Matthew Charles Edward Siegfried.

Thank-Yous in Alphabetical Order:
Alex Archuleta, Jo Battaglia, Andrea Burgay, Heather Camenitti, Terrence Carter, Dan Castellaneta, Alicia Davis, Matt Groening, Godzilla, Cesar Guerra, Lisa Goldberg, Ben Hadley, Michael Jackson, Fabian Jimenez, Arthur Joseph, Jessica Kane, Lucious Kwok, Ray Makklostkey, John Malcovich, Nintendo, Conan O'Brien, Pikachu, Chris Scharling, Sega Genesis, the Slits, the Stereolites, Robert Smigel, E.T., Vincent Price and Jay-Z, Steve Ziagos

This Project would not have been possible without the Pentium III chip and whatever is going on inside my eMac.

A very special thanks to the creative design staff involved in the making of such sound editing software as SoundRecorder.exe, Sound Studio for Mac OS X, AcidPro, FruityLoops and iTunes.

DJ deadfish uses Yamaha, Gretsch and Washburn Guitars.
A ©NES (Nintendo 8-Bit) Emulator and Casio Keyboard was used throughout this recording.

Special Thanks to John Gilligan and Travis Shaffer for putting up with my insanity while I sat at my Mac countless/endless/sleepless nights.


released November 27, 2004

DJ Deadfish is Jason John Joseph Sharp
DJ Gemfish is Matthew Charles Edward Siegfried
Gilligod is John Gilligan
DJ Dinosaur is Fabian Jimenez
Stephen Blaha is Brian Eno on Crack
Natty-Cakes is Natalia McCarty
Tammy-Cakes is Tammy Faye Baker

Artwerkings -- Neil Montiel



all rights reserved


Jay Sharp Brooklyn, New York

Jason was born in 1981 and started his first band when he was 19. Since then he has played in almost 19 different bands. He has appeared on 27 full length albums, 1/2 of which he was the principal songwriter, others as a band-member (bass player, lead guitar, vocalist, etc.) Currently completing the 3rd LP by the Mighty JSE, J also produces records for other artists in and around NYC so HMU! ... more


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