In Puddles

by Tidewaterdeadfish

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So I blew the dust off my old Pentium 4 and made some bizarre beats on my old but reliable version of my Windows 95 based Fruity Loops. It was time. Time for the return of Tidewaterdeadfish.

Lately my Bed-Stuy apartment has been looking more like an artist's studio than a living space. Most days my bed can be found leaned up against the wall to make room for microphones and keyboards. I have a spare bedroom filled with nothing but musical equipment and a suitcase filled with instrument cables.

I have been known to sleep with an acoustic guitar.

If you include the works I put in on the Laptop Kate gave me, and include the 'Static Strings track' ("the Sounds of Leipzig 1723') I did @ Mike Finnerty's house in Queens; This album was constructed with no less than five computers (Six, if you count the iphone which I used to capture many of the albums samples) over the course of seven years.

Unlike the debut "Some Kind of Horrible", DJ Gemfish had no input on this album, (He's been hard at work in Hastings on his art and DJing under the name HEAVYMERGE. I caught a couple of his sets @ Beauty Bar last winter [Thursday Nights Hosted by Poindexter Twinklebottom of the JSE] and they were truly sublime.) That is not to say this new album was a solo effort by any means. World, I'd like to introduce you to my new partner in crime for the future of TWDF: DJ FagFish.

DJ Fagfish shares DJGemfish's penchant for psychedelics and also hails North of NYC. No, he's not from Mt. Vernon too... he's way up North, like, from Syracuse and shit.
DJ Fagfish was the first boy I ever met with a septum piercing back in 1999 and we've been best friends ever since. If you see me say 'hello' but if you see DJFagfish look the other way because he might spit in your eye. He leads a far more volatile existence than most people I know.

I kept uncovering more and more demos for twdf songs that I have done as one-offs over the years and forgotten about. My favorite being 'Mister T Regrets (He's Unable to Lunch Today)' but there were close to three dozen additional tracks to listen to and dissect.

In making this record, I decided to take no less than 25 of these demos and whittle them down to a sequence that would best suit an LP first, only then did I finish tracking and overdubbing on this monster-piece.

It's hard to believe six years have gone by since I finished "Some Kind Of Horrible" over Thanksgiving 2004. Back then I was still working a slave wage at a dead-end job and I was practically married but it was a dead-end relationship so I was fat and depressed staying up all night alone delaying the inevitable: the loss of my apartment, my Ex, the loss of my job, and the loss of living with my good friend Neil. I can still hear all that when I play back "Some kind of Horrible", It takes me back to Hell.

Not sure where future listens of this album will transport me, but I suspect it will be some kind of Purgatory.

Life is better now. There's a spring in my step now as I have maintained a rather prolific output for over two years now. This has been the most productive time of my life and I'd like to think you can hear a breeziness throughout this record.

Without further ado I present to you, TWDF : In Puddles

Jay Sharp aka DJDeadfish


released October 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Jay Sharp Brooklyn, New York

Jason was born in 1981 and started his first band when he was 19. Since then he has played in almost 19 different bands. He has appeared on 27 full length albums, 1/2 of which he was the principal songwriter, others as a band-member (bass player, lead guitar, vocalist, etc.) Currently completing the 3rd LP by the Mighty JSE, J also produces records for other artists in and around NYC so HMU! ... more


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