Songs in the Key of Jay Sharp Vol. 2 [EP]

by Jay Sharp


Jay Sharp Brooklyn, New York

Jason was born in 1981 and started his first band when he was 19. Since then he has played in almost 19 different bands. He has appeared on 27 full length albums, 1/2 of which he was the principal songwriter, others as a band-member (bass player, lead guitar, vocalist, etc.) Currently completing the 3rd LP by the Mighty JSE, J also produces records for other artists in and around NYC so HMU! ... more


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Track Name: John, I'm Only Sleeprocking
when to leave - is the window closed
i guess I'm stuck here for another day
what to put on your resumé-
a bottle of Chimay?

never wanted to seem normal
who's to say
who's average anyway?

I guess I'm far from where i used to be
I don't know now where I really belong
I can't sort out anything
I'm only documenting

I guess I'm far from
disputing claims
and I'm still so far away

[scary batshit solo]

new moot points
in old bales of hay
gallop gallop up the surf
water may chill
and prick your toes
just leave
I'll be on my way

yet I'm so far
I'm done for
I'm so far away

[even crazier solo]

you always talk
like i am insane
i guess I've nothing right to say

so drive my car
dispute my claims
I'm so far away
Track Name: End of the World Procrastination Blues

And you knew you should
get on that bike
and ride far far away (i'm really not scared)
and ride far far away (i'm really not scared)
and every moment of every day
you kept all tucked away
and every day in every year
you always looked the same
you always looked away
you always looked away
your eyes averted everything
and every one in their rightful place
you looked at the ground
you looked at the sky
but you never found a place that you felt safe in
that you felt safe

maybe in another life I was dangerous (dangerous)
but nobody ever then or ever since
has called me such again
since (since)
you left me in a pinch
you saw me lying in a ditch
but you never did you never did lend a hand
some things I need and I want
but I don't need this
some things that I want:
I don't want this
I don't want this

some things (it's your life)
it's never too late
Unless it is to too late

your letter never sent
it fans a deep regret
it burns in your soul
the flames engulfed a nearby shopping mall
we hardly left a mark
our backs are up to the wall
the model had gone up as well (was running scared)
the whole town was aflame
and you were to blame
Will you beat the blame?

billions wasted
millions "saved"
and for what reason have we claimed
(for what was real and what was fake?)
all the blame?